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  • Information Explosion Favors Creative Leadership
    Posted on May 6th, 2011
    Related Products & Services: Strategic Planning

    This past year IBM released it fourth edition of their biennial Global CEO Study series entitled,  “Capitalizing on Complexity.”  Over 1500 global CEOs were interviewed in person, throughout 60 countries and across 33 industries.   The insights gained from this study have major implications for how leaders should view strategic planning, valued leadership qualities and decision-making […]

  • Exemplary Leadership Requires a Moral Compass
    Posted on Apr 1st, 2011
    Related Products & Services: Young Professional Career Development, Foundation Leadership Programs, Leadership Development

    This past month, I was invited to deliver a leadership presentation to a group of international business students at Stony Brook University at the request of a business colleague I have known for over 25 years.  These exchanges of content are an enduring commitment we make to the community.  Our hope is that the fundamental […]

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