Skill Development Workshops

Stuart Levine & Associates has over 30 customized proprietary leadership program that can be designed to meet your specific organizational needs.  Provided below is a sampling of the workshops that can be delivered by our experienced facilitators, who are all recognized experts in their fields:

General Management Skills: Ethics Training, Tools for Success, Negotiation, Interviewing Skills, Project Management Skills, Managing Customer Relationships, Stress Management, Change Management

Communication Skills: Leadership Communication, Business Writing, Phone Skills, Email Etiquette, Executive Presentations, Running Effective Meetings

Managing People: Conflict Resolution, Dealing with Difficult People, Motivation and Feedback, Stress Management, Coaching for Accountability, Coaching Skills for Managers

Our organization has won numerous awards over the years, including the 1999 Microsoft Small Business Award of the Year; and the 1999 Innovator of the Year Award for Techno-Bridge™, an innovative  leadership training program designed for IT professionals.  Mr. Levine was selected by the Financial Times of England as one of 20 global thought leaders featured in Management 21C, which was awarded the Best Business Book of 1999.

We have a track record of success as a nationally recognized leader in training based upon the following experiences: 

Direct Access To CEO Thinking And PerspectiveStuart R. Levine was the CEO of Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc, the global training company operating in 74 countries.  As former CEO of this organization, he received the 1995 Entrepreneur of the Year from Ernst and Young and Inc. Magazine for turning the company around.

Immediate Real-World Application – Participants start practicing the new skills and techniques they learn right away, through in-class assignments directly linked to the work they are doing at the moment. Participants also receive easy-to-use tip sheets and best practice templates that help them once they are back on the job.

Maximum Participation – We don’t just deliver lectures. Our courses are highly interactive, featuring exercises, role-plays, case examples, one-on-one coaching and other methods meant to engage participants in the training.

Relevant Take-Away Materials – Every course is accompanied by highly useful materials – from checklists to fact sheets – that participants can use time and again, once the course is over. Participants will receive all materials on an on-going basis that can be placed in one binder for safekeeping and to keep expenses at a minimum.

Information SharingTo continuously improve performance, individuals need to become “knowledge managers” – learning to keep up with key trends and taking steps to continuously improve their skills. We encourage participants to start reading and finding ways to share their knowledge with their co-workers. We try to model this behavior in the training, giving participants highly relevant articles from leading publications as well as reading lists.

Focus on Follow-Through – SL&A is committed to inspiring participants to begin making changes. Each course ends with individuals making a list of commitments, which can be used as part of your organization’s Performance Management system.

To find out how Stuart Levine & Associates can help your organization with our Skill Development Workshops, contact us.

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