The Six Fundamentals of Success™


Stuart Levine & Associates’ values-based leadership development programs are built upon this primer that provides practical tools for getting results. Many CEOs have relied upon this book for cultural transformation, leadership mentoring and the successful culmination of mergers and transactions.

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Praise for The Six Fundamentals of Success™:

“The fundamentals and rules in this book created the foundation for the accelerated learning of our senior management team and subsequently our entire organization…they helped us to focus on the customer, eliminate communication breakdowns and strengthen our financial performance.”– Thomas J. McAteer, Jr. President and CEO. Vytra Health Plans.

“I’ve told my kids that if anything happens to me, there’s only one book that reflects exactly how I would like them to lead both their professional and personal lives, Stuart’s book, The Six Fundamentals of Success.– Richard J. Daly, Chief Executive Officer. Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

“While there are no quick fixes, The Six Fundamentals of Success is a great book for a leader who’s stretched thin and wants to let his or her team know how to get things right.  I love this book!”– James Orsini, Executive Vice President and Director of Finance and Operations. Saatchi & Saatchi New York.

“Can help anyone (regardless of their personal goals) navigate a successful career.” – USA Today

“Since I am not a fan of beating around the bush, I really love books that get to the point with a sense of “Ah ha!” The Six Fundamentals of Success does that by being concise and immediately applicable to the real world. It gives you great ways for getting ahead in any organization with a lot of self-help ideas. I page through it just about every week and try to adopt a couple of the rules; I’ve become a better manager because of it. This is the perfect book to sharpen your team’s focus, or just as a refresher for you.” – Reviewed by Jack Covert,, January 2004

“The Six Fundamentals of Success is an important primer. Every new grad or new employee in your organization should check it out. And because it’s such a quick read, it’s a great refresher for those of us who have been around for a while.” – Reviewed by Geoff Thatcher, Training and Development magazine, July 26, 2004

“An important primer for anyone who wants to make a difference in the workplace.”– Professor John Quelch, Senior Assistant Dean, Harvard Business School

“I am a firm believer in Levine’s fundamentals. ‘Conduct yourself and your business with integrity’ and ‘Make sure you add value’ cannot be taken lightly in today’s business climate. This is an incredibly helpful book.”– Raymond S. Troubh, Director of the Year, 2003,  National Association of Corporate Directors

“This book is a leadership gem. The six fundamentals are the true foundation of business success, providing tremendous value to anyone in the workplace. Proper execution of these fundamentals will make any business competitive.”
– Subir Chowdry, Chairman and CEO ASI Consulting Group, Author of the bestseller The Power of Six Sigma

“Management fads come and go. This book reminds us that the way to get strong, predictable results is to master the fundamentals. A terrifc tool for people with the commitment to get real results – by maximizing people and processes to give customers great value.”– Helene Fortunoff, President, Fortunoff Fine Jewlery

“Strategic advantage will go to companies that get the fundamentals right. This book lays out what anyone needs to know to win in business today.”– Richard Silverman, Vice Chairman, Fleet National Bank

“Any ambitious, thoughtful and upwardly mobile manager should find many useful, career-enhancing pointers in The Six Fundamentals of Success.” – Josh S. Weston, Former CEO, Automatic Data Processing Inc.

“Levine’s fundamentals – Adding value, communicating, having the discipline to get the job done, working with integrity, investing in relationships and gaining perspective are global concepts that cross all boundaries.” – Clark Winter, Chief Global Investment Strategist
Citigroup Private Bank

“A fabulous tool that should be required reading for your entire organization.” – Philip J. Shapiro, President and CEO, Liberty Maritime Corporation

“Companies have to execute better, get more out of less and make fewer mistakes. They need to focus on the business issues that make a difference. Levine’s book shows the perfect ways to do this.”– John Kanas, Chairman, President and CEO, North Fork Bank

“Stuart Levine’s life long commitment to learning, to building strong cultures and to focusing on values are expertly represented in this book. A must read for all those who care.”– Michael J. Dowling, President and CEO, North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System

“The Six Fundamentals of Success gets everyone working towards the same goals to achieve the desired results. The book shows how to lead a team, be on a team and how to energize the team!”– Jack Leahy, Managing Director, The Citigroup Private Bank

“This book provides an extraordinary opportunity for people at all levels to develop and strengthen their leadership skills.”– Ronald A. Malone, Chairman & CEO, Gentiva Health Services

“Don’t let others define you” is but one of the many powerful rules from this book. Every reader will take away something different, but whatever it is, it will make an impact on your business career and your life.”– Larry Tarica, President, Jimlar Corporation

“Stuart Levine provides tremendous value with his targeted messages. This book is another example of his relentless focus on the customer.”– Margaret T. Watkins, President, Meritas

“This book reflects the principles and values that successfully built our bank.”– Edward Travaglianti, Former Chairman & CEO, European American Bank (EAB)

“This book will show people how to become the kind of leader that people will look up to and take strength from.”– Michael Wellman, Managing Partner, Jefferson Partners

“It’s important in business to stay focused and know what you want, as Levine makes clear with the rule “Gain perspective” and in his final and most important lesson: Nothing or nobody can affect you negatively.”– Richard Leeds, President, Systemax

“The Six Fundamentals of Success expresses in very simple and understandable terms the key strategic drivers of business success with a focus on leadership traits needed to be successful. A must read for emerging business leaders.”– Robert Catell, Chairman & CEO, KeySpan Energy

“If you are looking for a graduation gift for your kids or grandchildren, this book will help launch them professionally and can provide them a foundation for a lifetime of personal and career success.”– Dr. David Steinberg, President, Long Island University

“As Co-Founder of the Hedgefund Advisory Group, we have used this highly relevant business practice book as an extremely effective way to introduce our firm and forge new relationships.” – Larry Bell, Principal, Summit Financial Resources

“The Six Fundamentals of Success has provided clear leadership development tools that have helped the ETJSP Field staff assist 1199 workers in building stable and satisfying careers. It is a terrific tool for forging positive partnerships between management and the union.”– Joyce Coles, 1199/League Employment, Training and Job Security Fund

“The book not only keeps you focused on the fundamentals – the core to any business and personal success – but it creates the true foundation for a solid future, whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned professional.”– Howard Kotliar, CEO, Crystal RidgeVineyards, California

“Filled with practical advice, this book provides short and concise lessons that have the potential to yield long-lasting results, from seasoned CEOs. . . to all new hires.” – Walter Timoshenko, Chief Marketing Officer, Weiser LLP

“By putting the fundamentals in place, I have managed to be promoted twice. I am encouraging every manager and anyone else who wants to get ahead in their chosen careers to read this book!” – Linda Law, Publishing Concepts

“We always focus on investing in companies with strong fundamentals, and the ability to execute their business plan. This book empowers business leaders to strengthen fundamentals, which will ensure business plan execution and enhanced shareholder value.”– Robert D. Rosenthal, First Long Island Investors

“Leadership is not a right, it is a responsibility. The Six Fundamentals of Success is a refreshing reminder of the most important asset in any company….its people.”– Rod Zuck, President, CMI Communications

“Stuart Levine has captured a lifetime of successful rules and put them into a simple and practical context for executives at all levels.” – Walter Lin, President, H&L Computer Inc.

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