Boards, as well as organizations, are most successful when firmly rooted in mission-driven core values and creating long-term sustainable value for customers and shareholders.  Boards have an obligation to stay engaged and provide the requisite skills to create and maintain a culture of constructive challenge and competence. An effective board is especially key in today’s challenging regulatory environment, particularly in the area of understanding strategy and succession planning.

The most successful CEOs learn how to effectively communicate and share information with their boards.

The establishment of an effective Board evaluation process, board leadership, the creation of board member criteria for candidates, directors and committee members, committee structures and charters, board education and director orientation, bylaws, ethics, conflict of interest policies and enterprise risk management policies are the key drivers to ensuring the fulfillment of fiduciary responsibilities as a director and board.

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Products and Services Currently Available:

Director Education
Effective Board Governance
Board Assessments
Board Retreats
Enterprise Risk Management
Succession Planning
Board Formation and Recruitment

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