Strategic Planning

The most effective strategic plans are inclusive, practical and take place within a disciplined process.  They collect the institutional wisdom and internal knowledge of a company to develop strategies, create processes and build strong teams that work together as a productive, collaborative and unified force linked to accountability and the achievement of results.

Effective strategic planning improves an organization’s prospects for long-term survival and prosperity.  It should not be viewed as a one-time event, but rather as an on-going inclusive process; that is, the result of integrated thinking on the part of the leadership team.

The core responsibility of leadership is to set the direction and development of a shared vision, organizational mission and core values, which serve as the standards for behaviors and actions.  The strategic plan is “the road” to reaching that vision.

An effective strategic plan establishes a common direction with prioritized key drivers based upon collection and analysis of data. It ensures communication, builds commitment throughout the organization and creates a structure for decision-making.

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