Stuart R. Levine has been delivering speeches around the globe for over 20 years on the subjects of leadership, change management and organizational transformation.

Stuart is known for bringing passion and insight along with strategic solutions to his audiences, whether delivering a keynote or working with a board of directors to strengthen their governance structure.

His key messages represent wisdom from significant board and executive leadership experience across multiple disciplines specializing in strategy, strategic communication, board governance leadership development customer focus and large-scale change management. Key messages from his international best-selling books, The Six Fundamentals of Success and Cut to the Chase are tailored for each audience.

For fees and availability, please contact us at 516-465-0800.

Stuart Levine Keynote Speaker

Healthcare organizations face difficult decisions about allocating resources to mitigate undue risk. Stuart delivered the Keynote The Power of Engagement to 2,000 members of ASHRM2023 Annual Conference to help healthcare professionals understand how mission, culture and profound engagement are requisites for managing risk and winning the strategic war for talent.

Sample Speech Topics Include:



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