EduLeader is a digital online learning company that can help strengthen your corporate culture as well as improve employee productivity and engagement. EduLeader was created to meet the needs of CEOs and HR professionals looking to create forward-thinking, innovative culture change, expand leadership capacity and build a pipeline for the future.

EduLeader’s rich content, powered by Stuart Levine & Associates (SL&A), is designed to leverage 20 years of SL&A leadership and learning content in a new online platform. SL&A has been effectively guiding organizations in strategy, strategic implementation, leadership and governance. Our processes engage the workforce, increase productivity and collaboration and strengthen strategic communication.

With EduLeader, organizations have access at their fingertips to the best of SL&A’s experience and knowledge – on the digital platform of their choice – and at a significant value. Our goal is to provide the fastest, most cost-effective and valuable way for your employees to learn online and deliver results.

We can provide this training to your organization through either our LMS platform or yours. Let us be part of your transformation efforts to create human resource strategies that drive long-term growth and help your teams think and work in new and different ways.

Winning teams embrace and harness the changes necessary to compete in the dynamically changing marketplace. They are the ones who will develop the appropriate strategies, capabilities and cultures that enable them to achieve their goals for now and in the future. Building a culture of strong individual and team performance is key. Let us come along on that journey with you!


To learn more about EduLeader visit our website or contact us at to discuss our Effective Meeting Management Program.

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