Core Competencies

The fundamentals from both The Six Fundamentals of Success and Cut to the Chase serve as the foundation for our consulting work with our clients who engage us to help them with their business, leadership and operating challenges.

Managing Cultural Change

Embracing the importance of leading through values and making decisions based on data and effective and efficient processes provide our clients with skills and tools to adapt to cultural change. The focus is on building the customer relationship, breaking down communication barriers, returning financial results to the shareholder, and building strong, effective teams.

Strategic Planning

We facilitate a strategic business planning process for our clients that creates a practical plan with 4-6 key strategic drivers that can be implemented throughout the organization. We offer you a disciplined process leveraging your institutional wisdom and internal knowledge of the company and help you develop productive strategies, processes and teams who can execute. Planning can also involve helping clients create vision, mission and core values statements to drive the process.

Our process ensures organizational support and buy-in, and provides project management skills and tools for teams to help them implement new strategies. We help our clients create a common language and common purpose, and work with leadership to increase capacity and accountability with an unwavering focus on sustainability and results.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We conduct financial due diligence prior to a merger and can provide value-add advice on market intelligence and financial metrics. We also uncover key M&A drivers: human issues like mission, strategy, people turnover, governance and board related issues including regulatory compliance. We work closely with your legal and accounting partners so you can focus on the daily challenges of running your businesses. 

Corporate Governance

It is no longer enough to just serve on a Board. As a Director, we can provide you with skills and leadership workshops that strengthen your ability to provide strategic, operating and financial leadership in light of the increasing challenges facing the companies for which they serve.
Governance Starts with You (-Six Fundamentals)

Leadership Development

Our Leadership Development Initiatives can be delivered in a variety of mediums including classroom, e-learning (web based), webinars and blended learning offerings. You and your team can benefit from many of our leadership development initiatives, just some of which include the power of fundamentals, executive leadership conferences, working in effective teams, managing cultural change, and managing high stakes communications. Tell us what you need – we customize our leadership offerings to ensure we are meeting your specific needs.
Face up to Difficult Conversations (-Six Fundamentals)

Individual and Group Coaching

Are you a CEO seeking executive guidance on corporate governance issues? Do you have a particularly tough business strategy challenge that needs someone to facilitate a brainstorming? An individual who you feel would develop further as a leader with one-on-one coaching? Need an experienced business professional who can coach your team through some tough spots? We can bring all of this and more to you.
Know the Burn Rate of Key Resources (-Six Fundamentals)

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