Financial Services

Stuart Levine & Associates has been effectively guiding CEOs and their boards through transitions and transactions within the financial services sector for the last 15 years.

Our strategic business planning processes and governance expertise helps organizations to achieve strategies, align teams, increase effectiveness and build trust with boards, customers/members and shareholders.

We assist CEOs in their strategic communications with all stakeholders to ensure sustainable value creation. In this challenging regulatory environment, our firm excels at understanding what’s needed for organizations to respond effectively and to capitalize on future opportunities.

Our firm excels at the critical areas of translating a CEO’s vision into strategies that can be executed, creating a value-driven culture, dealing with regulatory challenges, ensuring effective strategic communication with all stakeholders to protect your brand, building trust and creating stability.

Preparing organizations for mergers and acquisitions through our strategy, leadership and governance consulting services puts organizations in a position to successfully complete sustainable transactions that achieve high levels of talent and client/member retention.

Our work with credit unions provides an intimate learning environment for boards and senior leadership to increase their capacity for effective governance, strategic planning and strategic implementation.

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