Foundation Leadership Programs

The fundamentals and rules from Stuart R. Levine’s international best-selling books, The Six Fundamentals of Success (Doubleday, 2004), Cut to the Chase (Doubleday, 2007) serve as the foundation for the accelerated learning of senior management teams and subsequently their entire organizations.  The concepts help organizations to focus on the customer, eliminate communication breakdowns and strengthen financial performance.

These two books, combined with The Leader in You (Simon & Schuster), have sold over 1 Million copies worldwide and are published in 24 languages.   Our Foundation Leadership Programs based upon these books are as follows:

The Power of Fundamentals™ – This program is designed to be a companion to our book, The Six Fundamentals of Success. The purpose of this program is to enhance an individual’s ability to add more value and deliver more results through improved individual and organizational alignment, commitment and accountability.

This program helps participants improve communication, build and manage relationships, prioritize and do what matters most first, add more value to the organization and define goals with action plans to improve performance.

Participants evaluate and analyze their overall effectiveness on the Six Fundamentals of Success and develop an individualized working tool that enables them to get better results through the application of a structured process to implement the rules for success in their daily work life.

Leaders can collectively identify and assess challenges and opportunities associated with fully realizing organizational goals.  Activities are aligned with the goals and strategies of the organization through the development of a personalized Performance Dashboard, linked to key business fundamentals.

Cut to the Chase™ – Many organizations today are focused on actively improving workplace effectiveness.  Our Cut to the Chase program is designed as a companion to our best-selling book, Cut to the Chase, to improve productivity through behaviors that encourage participants to think clearly, act effectively and communicate directly.   By sharing practical tools for becoming more productive and effective on a daily basis, employees are immediately able to make better use of their energy and time, make better decisions, achieve better business results and have more balance in their lives.

In addition to this training program, we offer customized webinars, organizational teleconference calls for employees and an Online Simulation Program designed to identify time management challenges that impede effectiveness, offering solutions and personal feedback to develop a roadmap for your team and organization to implement.

Techno-Bridge Leadership Training for the Technology Professional™ – Designed to address the needs of technology professionals, this program ensures the sustainability of technology organizations, as leaders assume greater responsibilities.

In today’s highly competitive environment, people, equipment and processes must be optimized to get the greatest return on assets.  Techno-Bridge™, maximizes a technology professional’s ability to lead and produce results as key decision-makers for your company’s future.  Our program includes the following courses: Business Writing and Effective Communication; Influencing and Marketing; and Leading Your Team to Success as well as several other customized modules that we provide based upon your needs.

The learning objectives are as follows: to build relationships at the most senior levels; engage their team to function at a higher level; evaluate and understand the impact IT has on shareholder value; communicate contributions of IT with confidence and humility; apply fundamentals, behaviors, disciplines and accountability; greater understanding of Enterprise Risk Management; create greater team alignment through defined behaviors; and meeting management.

Participants learn how to:

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