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Client Testimonials

“SL&A provides the right education and the right deliverables for today’s challenges.  Other consulting firms do not offer the intimate environment needed for true development and learning.  With other processes, much of the heavy lifting gets pushed back to the board members.  The SL&A process creates ownership.”
Shawn Gilfedder, President and CEO, Kitsap Credit Union

“Stuart Levine & Associates helped us to develop and implement a multi-year strategic plan which effectively positioned us in the marketplace for better patient outcomes and financial stability.”
Thomas Ockers, President and CEO of Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center

“As you might expect from a former CEO of Dale Carnegie, Stuart Levine is the perfect combination of an expert educator who can offer both high-level boardroom experience and real governance thought-leadership.  Stuart is an active member of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) and demonstrates his commitment to advancing exemplary board leadership by facilitating many of our webinars and conference sessions to truly meet the needs of our director members.  He is a skilled questioner and communicator and focuses on delivering useable takeaways for an audience grappling with increasing responsibility in a fast-changing business environment.”
Liz Barron, Director of Education at National Association of Corporate Directors

“[Stuart Levine & Associates’s] very engaging and practical learning session on Creating Leadership for the Future provided thought-provoking content that can definitely be applied to meeting our critical strategic objectives. It was well worth the investment of time.”
Donna LoStocco, Senior Vice President, Member Experience, Affinity Federal Credit Union

“Stuart’s message to the Presidents, CEOs and senior management leaders at our Annual Conference hit on all key components. I highly recommend him on message, style and thoroughly customized approach.”
Debbie A. Morris, Project Director of Sales & Marketing at SCA Tissues

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this [Edu-Leader® Program] from the beginning and wanted to say thank you for sharing your knowledge, thoughts and resources with the Credit Union community.”
Mary Lou Keane, CFO at Town of Hempstead Employees Federal Credit Union

“Stuart spoke at our planning session and was completely engaging, interesting and knowledgeable about the subject matter. In our instance, Stuart addressed governance, technology and innovation. Our Board rated Stuart’s presentation as one of the highest over the two days.”
Jeff York, President/CEO, CoastHills Federal Credit Union

“All of us were pretty geeked up by the talk. Still basking in the glow Stuart put me in during the presentation to our staff. And everyone seemed impressed by the integrity piece you brought out. My manager is already trying to make our meetings more effective. At our company-wide meeting, our Managing Director talked about how informative your program was, plugged your books several times and encouraged people who could not attend the session to read your book, The Six Fundamentals of Success.”
Tony Chapelle, Senior Reporter, Agenda, a Financial Times subsidiary

“I just wanted to thank Stuart Levine & Associates for an outstanding job in codifying our new central scheduling and registration process. Clearly this was a complex initiative involving seamless coordination with many departments and the results have been exceptional. You guided us to strengthen quality, reduce denials, enhance the customer experience, while helping our staff work even more effectively as a team.”
Leslie Wells, Director/Patient Access, Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center, Central Scheduling and Registration

“We definitely agree that supervisors have benefited from the comprehensive leadership sessions that Stuart Levine & Associates has designed and delivered for us. Your training has closed gaps and added clarity on how leaders can manage more effectively in their new call center management roles.”
Denise Carpenter, Assistant Director – Customer Service, CMO Care Management Company, Montefiore Medical Center

“Working with the SL&A team has been an honor and a pleasure – the quick response, easy to understand changes…. I couldn’t have done it without you and your team. I have read one of Stuart’s books, so it’s incredible to actually work with all of you!
Chris Petranoff, Release Management Director, Wanda Mobile Financial Services, a division of MasterCard

“Stuart Levine & Associates has helped us to create the transformative collaborative power of The Publicis Partnership, which brought all of our agencies together for the purpose of achieving superior client results for General Mills.”
John Bowman, Former EVP, Global Director of Strategic Equities, Saatchi & Saatchi

“Our people received tremendous value from the insights and perspective gained from SLA programs. Techno-Bridge greatly enhanced the leadership and communication skills of our technology professions. Training our 200 key managers in The Power of Fundamentals created a foundation for stronger retention of customers and key staff as well as positive earnings in preparation for our merger with Citigroup.”
Edward Travaglianti, Former Chairman and CEO, European American Bank

“Stuart Levine & Associates’ ability to instill a culture of order, process and discipline to the governance of our organization, has created a solid foundation in the boardroom that allows leadership to stay focused on the right issues: growth of the League and meeting our mission of helping our members thrive. Prior to their efforts, we spent too much time on governing ourselves, and not enough time on establishing where the organization should be headed in order to be a leader in our space. Stuart is clearly an authoritative voice on governance and garners respect quickly because of his deep knowledge on the topic.”
Paul Gentile, Former President/CEO, New Jersey Credit Union League

“I can honestly tell you that in my years of experience, working with Stuart Levine & Associates has been the very best educational programs that we ever presented for the business side of golf. Stuart’s experience as former CEO of Dale Carnegie, his board service and a firm of expert senior consultants, creates the perfect balance for helping PGA golf professionals to hone their skills in a demanding and sometimes unfamiliar world of corporate and business professionals.”
Charles Robson, Executive Director, New York Metropolitan PGA

“We are in a great position for growth. Our overall service levels have exceeded projections based upon your training and we have made significant improvements in patient billings.”
Steve Kulovits, Customer Service Director, Montefiore Medical Center

“Stuart Levine & Associates played a major role in the growth of our revenues and the development of our leadership team. We built our business from $120 Million in revenues to over $1 Billion. Throughout all four major transactions and acquisitions, with the help of SL&A, our team emerged as the leader of the new entity.”
Norman and Joyce Harvey, Former Chairman and CEO/Founder, Harmon Associates, Division of Georgia Pacific

“The retreat exceeded my expectations. Love the way the SLA team made sure each and every one of us contributed and kept us on track. Thought it was all consistent with our general tone and culture, but took it up several notches and exciting that it all becomes ACTIONABLE!! Exceeded my goals in getting to a dashboard we can align about. Wooooooooo ha! Thank you!”
Marianne Brown, President & CEO, Omgeo, LLC

“Words cannot express how grateful Local 338 is for the work Stuart Levine & Associates has done for us.  Our Success over the last year has far exceeded my wildest expectations.  Thank you and the whole team at SL&A for your incredible drive, focus and dedication to getting it right for our organization.”
John Durso, President, Local 338

“So many consultants try to find out what the clients wants to hear. But Stuart Levine & Associates is different. You tell us the truth. Other consultants we’ve used were good. They were really smart. But they bludgeon you. It’s very surgical. It’s hard to implement. With SL&A, the process itself leads to implementation.”
Phil Gandalfo, Former Chief Financial Officer and EVP, Vytra Health Plans

“The SL&A team always comes highly prepared and focused. We received an invaluable education on governance from the retreat they facilitated. Our leadership team is very pleased with the progress we made and the honesty of the session. Our team is now learning the mortar that will hold these foundation stones in place as we build a 21st century company.”
Leo Ardine, President/CEO, United Teletech Financial

“SL&A has done an outstanding job in codifying our new central scheduling and registration process. This complex initiative involved seamless coordination of several departments and the results have been exceptional.”
Director, Central Scheduling and Registration, Eastern Connecticut Health Network

“Stuart Levine & Associates helped First Tech Federal Credit Union exceed board expectations and achieve higher levels of board confidence in support of my vision to make First Tech a credit union industry pioneer for the credit union.”
Thomas E. Sargent, Retired President/CEO, First Technology Credit Union

Speaking Engagements Testimonials

“Your presentation to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas was a big success and challenged all of us in attendance to adopt and practice ‘The Six Fundamentals of Success’ on a daily basis and weave them into our everyday lives.”
Garey Wisdom, Training and Organizational Development Specialist, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

“Thanks again for spending time with us at Money-Media University. We, as an organization pride ourselves on the efficient use of time and resources. Your presentation and the action items clearly laid out in Cut to the Chase will surely keep us headed in the right direction.”
David M. Blanke, Managing Director, Money-Media – A Financial Times Company

“You were absolutely outstanding! Many of the 150 attendees, leaders of organizations, came up afterwards telling me what extraordinary value and insights you provided.”
John J. Leahy, Former Managing Director, The Citigroup Private Bank

“Thank you for the gift you gave us all by delivering the Keynote Speech at the National Association for Home Care & Hospice Industry Strategic Planning Congress. Your high degree of knowledge and experience on healthcare, leadership, strategic planning and politics combined with your extraordinary vision to implement effective solutions. Your presence and presentation were the bedrock of what most people say was our most meaningful and most successful Industry Strategic Planning Congress.”
Val J. Halamandaris, JD, President, National Association for Home Care & Hospice

“Our members were universally inspired by your talk and they appreciated the brilliant insights you shared with us. You received perfect 4.0 ratings on your enthusiasm and knowledge. You were entertaining, meaningful and thought-provoking. You truly are an extraordinarily gifted and creative thinker, author and speaker!”
Ronald V. Paxton, Former Vice President, Programs NNJ-ASTD

“Stuart’s message to the Presidents, CEOs and senior management leaders at our Annual Conference hit on all key components. I highly recommend him on message, style and thoroughly customized approach.”
Debbie A. Morris, Business Development Director, SCA Americas Inc.

“Thanks for the outstanding work at our retreat. Our team members loved the session. You and your team handled the topics beautifully.”
David Schull, President, Russo Partners, LLC

“Stuart participated in a webcast for Agenda on responding to activists and was able to provide insightful boardroom perspective, which feedback from the audience confirms. Stuart provided very relevant anecdotes and clear tips that helped our audience understand the importance of setting strategy to be better prepared for activism.”
Jake Safane, Reporter/Editor, Money-Media – A Financial Times Company

“Thank you for an absolutely outstanding presentation as the keynote speaker at our Annual Conference on Ethics and Corporate Citizenship. You were one of the only speakers ever to achieve a near perfect 5 of 5 rating in every category. We received non-stop positive feedback from our membership. Your deep background in a variety of healthcare disciplines provides you with unique insight, which completely captivated the audience.”
Robert Reiss, Former Chairman, Healthcare Financial Management Association

“I want to wholeheartedly thank you for your exceptional speech delivered to our 250 Executive MBA students. You are a dynamic speaker with a rare gift of clear and direct communication skills. As business people who are focused on learning practical concepts they can deploy immediately, they sat on the edge of their seats throughout your entire exploration into “The Six Fundamentals of Success.”
Michael B. DeLuise, Former Vice President, Development and External Affairs, Dowling College

“Thank you for the excellent presentation at our KeySpan Customer Recognition luncheon. Your book, The Six Fundamentals of Success speaks to the subjects that are the very basis of our value system. Your vision provides the essentials of business acumen so needed to effectively meet the challenges of today’s changing world.”
Robert B. Catell, Former Chairman and CEO, KeySpan

Acclaim for Stuart R. Levine’s Wall Street Journal Business Best Seller The Six Fundamentals of Success

“Stuart has served on the North Shore University Hospital board for over 20 years and is currently an active member of the Health System Board. He has made significant contributions to the success of our organization. His life-long commitment to learning, to building strong cultures and to focusing on values are expertly represented in this book. A must read for all those who care.”
Michael J. Dowling, President & CEO, Northwell Health, formerly North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System

“We always focus on investing in companies with strong fundamental, and the ability to execute their business plan. Stuart has created a book that empowers business leaders to strengthen fundamentals, which will insure business plan execution and enhanced shareholder value.”
Robert D. Rosenthal, Chairman & CEO, First Long Island Investors LLC

“This book not only advances progressive thinking, but it actually provides organizations with a common language to discuss and implement these ideas on a system-wide basis. It’s a fabulous tool and should be required reading for your entire organization.”
Philip J. Shapiro, President and CEO, Liberty Maritime Corporation

“Levine’s fundamentals – Adding value, communicating, having the discipline to get the job done, working with integrity, investing in relationships and gaining perspective are global concepts that cross all boundaries.”
Clark Winter, Former Chief Global Strategist, Citigroup Private Bank

“We’ve seen a lot of management fads in recent years.  Stuart reminds us that the way to get strong, predictable results is to master the fundamentals.  A terrific guidebook for people with the commitment to get real results the old-fashioned way – by maximizing people and processes to give customers great value.”
Helene Fortunoff, Former President, Fortunoff Fine Jewelry

“Strategic advantage will go to companies that get the fundamentals right.  This book lays out what anyone needs to know to win in business today.”
Richard Silverman, Former Vice Chairman, Fleet National Bank

“Today’s environment is uniquely different – with the collapse of the internet bubble, the recent loss of trust in corporate institutions and the threat of global terrorism, this book on Fundamentals provides a unique perspective for confronting these issues.  It provides an extraordinary opportunity for people at all levels to develop and strengthen their leadership skills.”
Ronald A. Malone, Former Chairman & CEO, Gentiva Health Services

“Most middle managers don’t understand how their daily activities are linked to the strategy!  The Power of Fundamentals gets everyone working towards the same goals to achieve the desired results.  The book shows how to lead a team, be on a team and how to energize the team!”
Jack Leahy, Former Managing Director, The Citigroup Private Bank

“Your book, The Six Fundamentals of Success has some very practical suggestions for working effectively at any level. I noted some strategies to implement to enhance my own performance such as designing a dashboard for monitoring my own job performance, including a goal that specifically supports one of my boss’s goals. Thank you for providing information I can use in my daily life.”
Lynne M. Ertel, Former Assistant VP, Enterprise Learning, U.S. Trust Company

“Don’t let others define you” is one of the many powerful rules from this book.  Every reader will take away something different, but whatever it is, it will make an impact on your business career and your life.”
Larry Tarica, Former President, Jimlar Corporation

“The fundamentals and rules in this book created the foundation for the accelerated learning of our senior leadership team and subsequently our entire organization.  Embracing the importance of leading through values and making decisions based on data and effective processes helped us to focus on the customer, eliminate communication breakdowns and strengthen our financial performance.”
Thomas J. McAteer, Jr., Former President and CEO, Vytra Health Plans

“Good words fall to waste if you don’t model the behaviors that you are asking from others. This book will show people how to become the kind of leader that people will look up to and take strength from.”
Michael Wellman, Former President, Korn Ferry International

“Companies have to execute better, get more out of less and make fewer mistakes. They need to focus on the business issues that make a difference. Levine’s book shows the perfect ways to do this.”
John Kanas, Former Chairman, President and CEO, North Fork Bank

“Stuart Levine & Associates successfully provided values-based customer-focused training for our management team at European American Bank to reinforce our culture of respect and integrity.  This book reflects the principles and values that successfully built our bank.”
Edward Travaglianti, Former Chairman & CEO, European American Bank (EAB)

“Stuart has been a keynote speaker for the Corporate Director’s Forum and the Legal Marketing Association and has done a fantastic job! He truly understands the issues of governance and leadership and provides tremendous value with his targeted messages. He always delivers and this book is just another example of his relentless focus on the customer.”
Margaret T. Watkins, Former President, Meritas

“If you are looking for a graduation gift for your son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter, this will help launch them professionally and can provide them a foundation for a lifetime of personal and career success.”
Dr. David Steinberg, Former President, Long Island University

“Clear, concise common sense. The most valuable business book in years.”
Mr. Matthew T. Crosson, Former President, Long Island Association, Inc.

Acclaim for Stuart R. Levine’s Cut to the Chase

“Cut to the Chase is full of great lessons about how to set expectations and communicate clearly up and down the organization.”
Michael Dowling, President and CEO, Northwell Health, formerly North Shore-LIJ Health System

“Stuart Levine’s rules get results.  This is a book to be read, re-read, and most of all, used.”
Jim D’Addario, Chairman and CEO, J. D’Addario & Company, Inc.

“If your goal is to be responsive to client needs, get desired results, and lead a more productive life, read this invaluable book.”
Paul D. McKinnis, Senior Client Partner, Korn Ferry International

“Clear, concise, with a crucial message for anyone looking to success in business.”
Richard Silverman, Former Vice Chairman Wealth & Investment Management, Bank of America

“Cut to the Chase will enable readers to get their priorities straight, and help them make better decisions.”
Clark Winter, Former Chief Global Investment Strategist, Citigroup Global Wealth Management

“This great book shows you how to work hard and get more done, so you’ll have more time to spend on other things in your life, from family to friends to personal passions and outside interests.  A vital message for everyone today.”
Helene Fortunoff, Former President, Fortunoff Fine Jewelry

“These practical strategies provide a powerful roadmap for focused and effective communication.  It is a book that all of us should read at least once a year.”
Jon R. Cohen, M.D. Former Chief Medical Officer, North Shore-LIJ Health System

“Cut to the Chase is a powerful tool that has helped our union communicate more effectively, take swifter action and get better results!  A real gem!”
John R. Durso, President, Local 338, RWDSU, UFCW

“Cut to the Chase tells you how to work and live more productively – and achieve a happier, more fulfilling life.”
Dr. Gregory H. Williams, President, The City College of New York, Author, Life on the Color Line

“If everything is important, nothing is.  Stuart Levine has consistently demonstrated his ability to focus clients and associates on what really matters and on getting the right things done fast.”
Larry Tarica, Former President, Jimlar Corporation

“PAC or ‘point accepted’ is but one of the time-saving tools Stuart Levine has shared that we use every day to keep communication crisp and moving along.”
Ronald A. Malone, Former Chairman and CEO, Gentiva Health Services

“In selling, time is money; you must be able to express yourself in clear terms.  This book is a career home run.”
Charles Shor, Former President and CEO, Duro Bag Manufacturing Company

“The rule ‘You’re killing me’ alone is worth the price of admission.  Half the rules in this book we use every day in serving our members and aligning our employees with our mission.”
Kirk Kordeleski, Former President and CEO, Bethpage Federal Credit Union

“Invaluable leadership advice on how to become more effective and efficient!”
Edward D. Miller, Former President and CEO, AXA Financial, Inc.

Acclaim for Stuart R. Levine KnowledgeBank Articles

“Discipline Breeds Success is a great article. Two favorites here: Discipline means mental independence, an ability to remain steadfast in the face of herd instinct and external pressures – having the inner will to do what it takes to create a great outcome, no matter how difficult, and outcomes are not about luck. As Collins says, ‘greatness is a matter of choice, not circumstance.”
Vincent J. Molinaro, EVP, Chief Customer Officer, OpenLab Executive Chair, Juniper Networks

“Stuart – your article, Life Lessons from the Effectiveness of Women is a good one! I enjoyed it, as I do the others you send out.”
Gail Miner, Chairman, McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union

“Thank you for the article BP oil spill: Catastrophe teaches lessons in leadership. Crises quickly show how capable leaders are and the weaknesses rapidly become apparent. Normally the crises do not get healed by time and, on the contrary, for the passive leader, time is normally the enemy. The Six Fundamentals of Success is ‘to the point’ on management and leadership fundamentals and applicable for all leaders, younger as well as more experienced. I am truly impressed by your work!”
Stefan Ranstrand, President & CEO, Tomra Systems ASA

“Thank you Stuart. Your article Cultures of Engagement Drive Profitability is all good stuff. A couple of my takeaways: when times are tough, invest in people; clearly and consistently communicate where the organization has been and where it’s going.”
Tom Howard, Relationship Manager/VP, Northwest Farm Credit Services

“I wanted to compliment you on your article, Next Generation CMO.”
Mike Marcellin, Chief Marketing Office, Juniper Networks

“Thank you for the thought-provoking article and your insights on the IoT.  This moves industries away from “drills” and toward “holes,” i.e., toward the benefit or service of a product.  Love it!”
Chuck Callan, SVP Regulatory Affairs, Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

“After reading What Credit Union Boards Can Learn from the Chilean Miners’ Rescue, your versatility and imagination continues to amaze me.”
Harry Wit, Board Member, McGraw Hill Federal Credit Union

“As one of my old Touche Ross partners used to say, your article Life Lessons from the Effectiveness of Women is “truth and wisdom”.  Thanks for sharing.
Mike Atkins, CEO, Open Technology Solutions

“Stuart, terrific article on Ways to Reach the Zone of Hope and Stay There.”
David G. Bonagura, Partner, Americas Director – Japanese Business Services, Ernst & Young LLP

“Thanks for sending me your articles, particularly Technology and People Are Both Strategic Priorities. Great insights as always.”
Michael McCracken, Chairman and CEO, McCracken Alliance, LLC

“Thanks for sharing the article, Reputation Impacts the Bottom Line. Ethics, good business values, integrity and trust are the difference between success or failure, be it General Electric or a small not for profit out in eastern Long Island.”
Donald Reib, Executive Director, Aid to the Developmentally Disabled, Inc.

“Being Mindful Prepares a Foundation for Growth is a wonderful article and LIPA’s Botched Response to Sandy Holds Governance Lessons is a brilliant article. It really drives home what corporate governance is all about.”
Debra J. Perry, Board Member, Korn/Ferry International

“Your article Special Committees Won’t Prevent Cyber Attacks is a very good article. I completely agree with your perspectives/comments.”
Bob Duelks, Former Managing Director, Accenture

“Nice work with this article, Being Mindful Prepares a Foundation for Growth. You can’t go from NOT to high speed. It needs preparation…new processes…new metrics. Mindfulness fits in well and organizations need to be aware of the time required to reboot.”
Thomas L. Doorley, III, CEO, Chairman at Sage Partners

“Strategic Communication Drives Outcomes hit the spot just at the right time before my update to the shareholders providing a full transparent view.”
Tony Ferri, Chief Operating Officer, Mobile Financial Services

“Culture Drives Success is another great article. Well said and so on target and timely. I’m going to forward it to the Young President’s Organization that I addressed last night.”
Lee Ellis, Retired Colonel USAF

“BP Oil Spill: Catastrophe Teaches Lessons in Leadership is right on target. In your article, Big Data: The Management Challenge, I liked your statement ‘The numbers do not speak for themselves; managers speak for them, giving their meaning.’ We must be ever watchful.”
Gail Miner, Former Chairman of the Board, McGraw Hill Federal Credit Union

“Thank you for sharing and I will tweet Next Generation CMO out to my followers at the governance center.”
Patricia Q Connolly, Executive Director, Center for Corporate Governance, Drexel University

“Your article, A Culture of Ethics Protects Reputation, imparts to the reader very important and excellent insights regarding reputation risk and good governance practices.”
Mark Brantley, Chairman of the Board, Municipal Credit Union

“Special Committees Won’t Prevent Cyber Attacks is a fantastic article!”
Natalie S. Hairston, Senior Vice President, Dennard Lascar Associates

“Your articles, including Setting the Stage for Innovation Success, are always excellent and timely.”
Jan Scites, J.D. CLU, ChFC, CEO & President, MSO, Inc.

“Current Thinking on Corporate Goverance article and other columns provide excellent information – good insights, well presented.”
Gregory LeFever, Writing & Editing

“Creating the Right Leadership for the Future is one of your best articles in my humble view. I am using it.”
Art Weinbach, Chairman of the Board, Broadridge Financial Solutions

“Oh, loving this one, Life Lessons from the Effectiveness of Women, especially much!!!
Marianne C. Brown, President & CEO, Omgeo, LLC

“Cultures of Engagement Drive Profitability is a great article- fascinating!
Pat Zerbo, Sales/New Business Development, D’Addario & Company, Inc.

“Discipline Breeds Success is on point as always. Glad that I continue to receive these articles.”
Stephanie O’Rourk, CPA, Partner, CohnReznick

“I always enjoy reading your articles.”
John Burke, Jr. General Counsel, D’Addario & Company, Inc.

“Your article, The Board Challenge: Cybersecurity is crisply informative.”
John J. Burke, Jr. General Counsel, D’Addario & Company, Inc.

“Being Mindful Prepares a Foundation for Growth is a fantastic, perfectly timed article for me. Thank you as always for your wisdom and guidance.”
Rodes Ponzer, Global Brand Leader at TBWA Worldwide

“Being Mindful Prepares a Foundation for Growth is a very interesting and thought provoking article.”
Carter Burgess, Managing Director, RSR Partners

“Courage Makes Innovation Possible is an excellent article.”
Greg Keough, Former CEO, MFS Holding

“Being Mindful Prepares a Foundation for Growth is a very interesting and thought provoking article.”
Carter Burgess, Managing Director, RSR Partners

“What Boards Can Learn about ERM from the BP Crisis is a GREAT article.”
Marianne Brown, Former President & CEO, Omgeo, LLC

“Congratulations on the debut article, Next Generation CMO, in Forbes!”
Pierre Malko, President and CEO, Dante Consulting, Inc.

“Great article, Next Generation CMO.”
Angela M. Carrillo, Vice President, Wealth Management, Northern Trust

“Great article, Next Generation CMO. I particularly like the part about embracing learning and change.”
Theodore L. Dysart, Managing Partner, Heidrick & Struggles

“Your articles are very insightful and as always, pleasingly to the point!”
Pamela Kunkemoeller, Founder, Kunkemoeller Law Office

“Thanks so much for the article, Learn As Fast as the World is Changing.” RIGHT ON!!
Janet Frankl-Lockwood, Managing Partner, Parliament Consulting Services

“Impressive articles Stuart. Keep up the good work.”
Blythe McGarvie, Member Board of Directors, Sonoco

“Water – A Transformative Issue for Business and Society is a great and thought-provoking article.”
Greg Lau, Head, Board Advisory Practice at RSR Partners

“Thank you for taking the time to share these very thought-provoking tips in your article, Focus on Leadership Fundamentals.”
Carole A. Porter, SVP, Municipal Credit Union

“As always, your article, Hurricane Sandy – A Direct Hit on Humanity and Resulting Economic Devastation, is spot on.”
Blaine K. Hedani, King & Neel, Inc.

“Your Hurricane Sandy article is excellent. Our priority in these crises should be the needs of people. Period.
Cynthia Lighty, SPHR, VP, Human Resources, Unilife Corporation

“Creating the Right Leadership for the Future is a very good, logical and probably universally applicable article.
Cary Kravet, President, Kravet, Inc.

“How Zara Took Customer Focus to New Heights is a great article. Will share with our team.”
Denise Carpenter, Assistant Director, Strategic Management, CMO-Care Management Company

“Setting the State for Innovation Success is both excellent and timely, like all your articles.”
Jan Scites, J.D., CLU, ChFC, CEO & President, MSO, Inc.

“Diversity, Inclusion Boost Innovation and Organizational Strength is a beautifully written article. Thank you for the gracious reminder.”
Ellen Gardner, SECU Director

“Great piece – clearly correct, on Women, A Force for Productivity and Performance.”
Robert Rosenberg, Former Partner, Lathan & Watkins LLP

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