We are excited to announce the launch of a new company, EduLeader LLC, powered by Stuart Levine & Associates.  EduLeader is designed to leverage our vast library of leadership and learning content in a new online platform.   Instead of in-person training, you can receive the best of Stuart Levine & Associates’ experience and knowledge at an incredible value, all at your fingertips on the digital platform of your choice.

EduLeader courses increase both individual leadership skills and organizational capacity to ensure a more focused, accountable and collaborative workforce that creates energy and encourages innovation.   Together with our co-founders, Harriet Levine and Elizabeth Perlman, we are excited to introduce our first course “Effective Meeting Management.”

Research conducted by Stuart Levine and Associates shows that only 39% of meetings achieve their objectives, and this inefficient use of time is a financial drain on corporations. Since meetings represent such a significant amount of a company’s time, it’s important that this time is spent wisely. EduLeader’s Effective Meeting Management course is designed to help individuals and organizations conduct efficient and successful meetings by strengthening culture through actions that encourage collaboration and accountability. Build your meeting management skills now!

For more information email: info@eduleader.com
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