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  • Four Fundamental Questions for Family Business Board Assessments
    Posted on Dec 5th, 2022

    Stuart R. Levine, Chairman and CEO, Stuart Levine & Associates I once had the privilege of working with a CEO who was a third-generation leader of a private manufacturing company. He was managing two families and there were no independent directors on the board. At the request of this enlightened CEO, we formed an independent […]

  • Board Effectiveness: Fundamental Truths in Volatile Times
    Posted on Sep 30th, 2022

    Stuart R. Levine, Chairman and CEO, Stuart Levine & Associates LLC Whether you are serving on the Board of a publicly traded company, a private company or a credit union Board, self-assessments are important in that they serve to increase the standards of accountability. Engaging in an evaluation process that is driven by an independent […]

  • The Powerful Role of Trust, Values and Relationships in the C-Suite
    Posted on Aug 2nd, 2022

    Published in Forbes By, Stuart R. Levine The role of trust and values in managing relationships is critical today. Conduct Yourself and Your Business with Integrity was the 4th Fundamental The Six Fundamentals of Success, a book I authored in 2004, but is even more relevant today. CEOs loved this book as they understood the […]

  • Leaning Into Learning
    Posted on Apr 28th, 2022

    Published in Forbes By Stuart R. Levine This month I had the pleasure of being invited to give a keynote address at the Corporate Issuer & Institutional Investor Forum, the Fourth Annual Corporate Governance Forum Co-Hosted by Broadridge Financial Solutions & The University of Miami – Herbert School of Business. It was a privilege to […]

  • NACD: As Theranos Proceedings Continue, Here’s What Private Company Boards Can Learn
    Posted on Apr 7th, 2022

    NACD Private Company Directorship As Theranos Proceedings Continue, Here’s What Private Company Boards Can Learn March 27, 2022 By Stuart R. Levine While it has been nearly four years since Theranos collapsed under the weight of legal, commercial, and media scrutiny, we’re still seeing the health technology company all around us. The high-profile trial of […]

  • The Missing Piece is Boardroom Diversity
    Posted on Nov 18th, 2021

    By Stuart R. Levine, Chairman and CEO, Stuart Levine & Associates Published in, Forbes Of the more than 30 million businesses in the US, less than 1% are listed on a public stock exchange. Despite recent efforts to focus on the diversity of boards within these publicly traded companies, private companies remain under regulatory radar. […]

  • Don’t Get Left Behind on ESG
    Posted on Aug 23rd, 2021

    By Stuart R. Levine Published in Forbes The election of three activist directors to Exxon’s Board was an eye-opener for many senior managers and C-suite executives. Yet for others it was not surprising. Numerous reports have shown that attention to climate change, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility have been, and are becoming even more, important […]

  • Is Your Board Operating at Peak Performance?
    Posted on Aug 20th, 2021

    By Stuart R. Levine Published in, CUInsight Your credit union’s members have a real interest in having your board function at peak performance. Sound governance is the foundation of board performance that results in long-term value creation and resilience. The serious responsibility of board governance starts with nominating and electing high quality directors, who express […]

  • Time to Consider Not-For-Profit Board Service
    Posted on May 3rd, 2021

    Published in, Forbes Stuart R. Levine, Chairman and CEO, Stuart Levine & Associates LLC  The pandemic has caused leaders to rethink their potential and the impact they can have in their communities.  Volunteering to serve on not-for-profit boards will emerge as an important trend in the next twelve months. They will bring with them business experience, […]

  • The Board’s Role in Overseeing Risk Has Never Been More Challenging
    Posted on Mar 2nd, 2021

    Published in ForbesBy Stuart R. Levine Every company needs to anticipate customer needs and provide an easy, safe, and secure environment in which to purchase goods and services. State of the art customer service requires constant investment in technology and, most importantly, people. Innovation and advancing technologies bring new ways to serve customers. Data analytics, […]