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  • Rapidly Emerging Trends Post Pandemic
    Posted on Jun 27th, 2021

    By, Stuart R. Levine Published in Forbes This is an exciting time of liberation and hope as people are vaccinated, U.S. infection rates are dropping and the people are anxious to resume their activities. Individuals are re-evaluating what they want their professional and personal world to look like.  And current trends show that workers are increasingly […]

  • Leadership is Responsibility
    Posted on Mar 16th, 2021

    Published in Forbes: Leadership is Responsibility By, Stuart R. Levine “Leadership is responsibility.” Today’s COVID-19 catastrophe makes Peter Drucker’s quote incredibly relevant. As the pandemic radically changes ways that companies do business, people continue to be uncertain about the future. Fear abounds. Leaders are responsible for even more now as their employees, including their senior […]

  • Hope and Trust Are the Antidote to Fear
    Posted on May 31st, 2020

    By, Stuart R. Levine Published in, Forbes Leaders show their values through their actions and words. Leadership and values are inseparably linked. Today, it seems that among personal and organizational values, trust is paramount. Covid-19 is now ravaging the ways that companies have done business for decades, challenging and changing business routines. People are uncertain […]

  • Worried About Personal and Organizational Productivity and Effectiveness In A Chaotic COVID-19 World
    Posted on Apr 13th, 2020

    By Stuart Levine Published In, Forbes What if certain unwitting habits were limiting or reducing your productivity and ability to engage with colleagues and customers? Senior leadership must be vigilant to make sure this is not happening despite the fact that employees and leadership are fearful, concerned and experiencing personal pain and loss in an […]

  • Resiliency Matters in A Crisis
    Posted on Mar 29th, 2020

    Published in, Forbes By Stuart R. Levine We are living in a new reality.  The global COVID-19 virus is redefining words like disruption, economic and personal survival.  Questions are now being raised in the United States about the ability for healthcare systems to respond to the population’s healthcare needs.  The challenges that are being raised […]

  • Rest For Success
    Posted on Jul 11th, 2019

    By Stuart R. Levine Published in, Forbes Perpetual movement without rest decreases productivity . In reality, it yields the opposite. Working without downtime, reduces efficiency and creativity and often invites emotional, psychological, and physical stress. The brain needs downtime to remain productive, gain perspective and generate innovative ideas. Downtime gives the mind an opportunity to make […]

  • Outperform With A Growth Mindset Culture
    Posted on Feb 25th, 2019

    By Stuart R. Levine Published in Forbes Management guru Peter Drucker reportedly claimed: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, notably updates Drucker with: “ The C in CEO is for curator of culture .” Like Drucker, Nadella recognizes that although strategy is important, a healthy empowering culture is on the critical path to organizational […]

  • Companies Left In The Dark On Customer And Employee Needs
    Posted on Nov 7th, 2018

    By, Stuart R. Levine Published In, Forbes This past summer we had the pleasure of inviting Jason Washing, Google’s Director of Global Partnerships – News, Publishing and Local Media, to participate in our Passageways learning webinars. The topic for discussion was innovation, culture and decision-making in the digital age. With the intense focus these days […]

  • Annual Reviews Lower Employee Engagement
    Posted on Jun 30th, 2018

    Published in, Forbes By, Stuart R. Levine Prepare your employees to be coached and your managers to become effective coaches. Employees don’t want annual reviews. They want more coaching , feedback and talent development focused on their strengths. A culture of engagement starts at the top. When senior leadership commits to move from backward looking performance evaluation […]

  • Motivated Employees Are Key To Your Company’s Success In The Digital Age
    Posted on Mar 21st, 2018

    By Stuart R. Levine Published in Forbes Have you noticed how increasing percentages of television commercials and print ads seem to have a digital component as part of the product pitch? Whether it’s apps, websites, artificial intelligence or even virtual reality, it’s time to take a deep dive into what your customers’ digital experience means […]