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  • Create A Culture Of Engagement To Achieve Real Results
    Posted on Sep 12th, 2019

    By Stuart R. Levine Published in, Forbes Measuring is paramount when you’re trying to create change and improvement. It’s the only way to identify gaps and close them. In trying to create a healthy culture within your work environment to achieve employee engagement, outstanding performance and results, it’s critical to measure your culture on an […]

  • Success Needs A Strong Story
    Posted on Oct 25th, 2017

    By Stuart R. Levine Published In, Forbes If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many PowerPoint slides is a compelling story worth? Storytelling makes business come to life. Our brains are organized to respond to them and to retain them. Stories help us empathize with others. They make us feel a part […]

  • Stuart R. Levine & Passageways Host Webinar on Maximizing Meetings on November 29th
    Posted on Nov 14th, 2016

    On November 29th at 1pm, Stuart R. Levine will host a webinar with Passageways on maximizing meetings. Recently, a Harvard Business Review study reported approximately 40% of a manager’s time is spent in meetings and this percentage is even higher for executives. Did you also know that only 39% of meetings achieve their objectives? Meetings truly […]

  • Want To Be More Productive, Be Grateful!
    Posted on Apr 8th, 2016
    Related Products & Services: Leadership Development

    By Stuart R. Levine Published In, The Credit Union Times What makes you happy? Is it a brand new car, a new pair of shoes or a new friend? They say money can’t buy happiness, but studies show perhaps being grateful can. One recent study stated that those subjects expressing gratitude were significantly more satisfied […]

  • Stuart R. Levine Announced as Forbes Contributor
    Posted on Sep 14th, 2015

    We are pleased to announce Stuart R. Levine, our CEO,  is now a contributor to Forbes Insights. He will be posting a monthly column under the leadership section. To read his debut article click here.

  • The Good, Bad and Ugly of CEO-Board Communication
    Posted on Jul 28th, 2014
    Related Products & Services: Governance

    By, Stuart R. Levine Published in, Agenda; A Financial Times Service Communication is a simple skill. But in the corporate governance world, it’s shocking how many boards and CEOs fail to harness this seemingly intuitive trait — particularly when working together. Many corporate leaders understand that communication between the board and the CEO is critical […]

  • Webcast on Board Compensation Committees with NACD
    Posted on Feb 7th, 2013
    Related Products & Services: Governance

    Click on the link below to view Stuart R. Levine, Director at Broadridge Financial and Blair Jones from Semler Brossy discuss the conversations compensation committees should be having to establish optimum remuneration plans.

  • Mission-Driven Communication Requires Standards
    Posted on Nov 4th, 2011

    By, Stuart R. Levine Successful leaders live by fundamental leadership principles with discipline and focus.  They commit to continuous learning and strive to have their behaviors serve as a reflection of their values — setting the standard and expectations for others in their organization. The CEO’s communication philosophy and actions sets the tone, whether it […]