Strategic Insights for CEO’s & Credit Union Board Members

Why do you need the Credit Union Leadership Forum?

In recent years, the U.S. economy has experienced the most devastating recession in the history of the country. Credit unions and their members have not escaped its unrelenting grip and the future promises continued economic challenges. Loan growth still remains anemic, and new economic regulations are emerging from Washington regularly. Over the next few years, the number of credit unions is projected to fall dramatically, and credit union CEOs are planning to retire in record numbers.

In this environment, credit union boards find themselves under heavy scrutiny from their members, federal and state regulators and the public. In addition, the NCUA has increased regulations on Credit Union boards.

In order to survive and serve their members well, today’s credit unions will need access to critical and timely information, educational opportunities and thought-leadership. Recognizing this comprehensive need, Stuart Levine & Associates LLC and Credit Union Times have joined together to create the Credit Union Leadership Forum, whose sole purpose is to strengthen boards of directors and CEOs by providing unique learning opportunities that ensure credit union stability and growth.

Who is Stuart Levine & Associates?

Stuart Levine & Associates helps CEOs strengthen their relationships with their boards by providing directors with guidance on governance best practices. Establishing the right tone at the top, creating the right values-based culture on the board, setting the foundation for active well-informed participation and establishing the right structures and processes is critical. We help boards to develop a common language for governance that enables CEOs and their boards to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities.

Stuart R. Levine, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Stuart Levine & Associates was named as one of the top directors in the U.S. by the National Association of Corporate Directors in 2011, having served on over 12 profit and non-profit boards in the capacity of Chairman of the Board, Lead Director, Governance Chair, Compensation Chair and audit committee member. He is author of three international best-selling leadership books, published in 22 languages with over 1 million copies sold. He is a former member of the New York State Assembly and serves on the Advisory Council to the New York Stock Exchange.

What does the Credit Union Leadership Provide?

  • Quarterly Web Seminar Series
    • Quarterly Web Seminars based on current and topical issues affecting Credit Union Boards
  • Web Seminar Follow Up Materials
    • Archived Web Seminars providing easy access
    • Full Executive Summary provided following each Web Seminar with key discussion points for continuing dialogue
    • Executive Summary for Board level discussions to encourage dialogue
    • Summary podcast
  • Continuous Learning Throughout the Year
    • CUT to the Chase™: Strategic Insights for Credit Union Boards
      • Twice Monthly, Electronic Newsletter – Stuart R. Levine and guest col­umnists providing thought-leadership pieces and relevant perspective on issues affecting credit unions
    • Monthly topical article written by Stuart R. Levine emailed to each member
    • Credit Union Times subscription for all participants
  • Annual Certificate of Completion
  • Special Member pricing for Stuart Levine & Associates consulting services and speaking engagements

Key Member Benefits

  • Practical, timely and experience-based knowledge — not academic or off the shelf content
  • Continuous learning throughout the year with no travel involved
  • Up to 25 participants per member credit union to inspire collaboration, dialogue, learning and alignment on key topics
  • One low price of $4,500 per year

Key Credit Union Leadership Forum Topics

The great thing about the Credit Union Leadership Forum is that it will allow for flexibility so that issues can be addressed as they arise. We will constantly monitor the regulators and thought-leaders, and gather input from our members to determine what is most important to them. However, there are certain fundamental themes that remain constant and critical to credit union security and growth, so we’ll be addressing those as well. These include:

  • Strategy – What is the responsibility of Management and the Board in creating, implementing and monitoring strategy? How do you learn as fast as the world is changing?
  • Succession Planning – How does the Board effectively control and own the CEO sucession planning process?
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – Does your Board have a strategy in place for potential mergers and acquisitions?
  • Roles and Responsibilities – What are the roles and responsibilities of Boards, and how do they exercise their “duty of care” and “duty of loyalty” responsibilities? What should the structure of the Board be? What are the policies that govern the Board?
  • Board Culture – What is the proper relationship between the Board, CEO and the Senior Management Team? What kinds of Board communications are needed?
  • Risk Management – What is the responsibility of Management and the Board in identifying, managing, mitigating and overseeing risk?
  • Director Qualifications and Board Recruitment – How can board evaluations be used to strengthen the Board? What qualifications should you look for in a new board member?
  • Crisis Management – During crisis situations, what are the responsibilities of the Board, the CEO and the Management team? What processes should be in place to handle the crisis?

Join the Credit Union Leadership Forum today and give your credit union and Board a unique strategic advantage.

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