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  • Board Effectiveness: Fundamental Truths in Volatile Times
    Posted on Sep 30th, 2022

    Stuart R. Levine, Chairman and CEO, Stuart Levine & Associates LLC Whether you are serving on the Board of a publicly traded company, a private company or a credit union Board, self-assessments are important in that they serve to increase the standards of accountability. Engaging in an evaluation process that is driven by an independent […]

  • Interview With Sandra Beach Lin
    Posted on Sep 26th, 2022

    September 2022 Chris Clark conducts interviews with leading corporate directors and subject matter experts for Stuart Levine & Associates, a global consulting and leadership development company. The Planet Governance™ interview series features the views of corporate directors and chief executives on critical issues from ESG and cyber-resiliency to succession planning and board composition. I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Sandra […]

  • Service-Profit Chain Empowers Employees
    Posted on Jun 13th, 2013
    Related Products & Services: Strategic Planning

    By, Stuart R. Levine Published in, The Credit Union Times I advise clients to focus on “Putting the Customer in Control”. To do so in a service economy, leaders must focus on both employees facing the customer as well as the customers themselves. A Harvard Business Review article, “Putting the Service-Profit Chain to Work,” written […]

  • Credit Union Leadership Forum 2012 Launch
    Posted on Jul 10th, 2012

    Strategic Insights for CEO’s & Credit Union Board Members Why do you need the Credit Union Leadership Forum? In recent years, the U.S. economy has experienced the most devastating recession in the history of the country. Credit unions and their members have not escaped its unrelenting grip and the future promises continued economic challenges. Loan […]

  • Focus on Leadership Fundamentals
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    Related Products & Services: Our Work with Credit Unions, Leadership Development

    The most successful leaders I know understand and live by fundamental leadership principles with both discipline and focus.  They commit to continuous learning and strive to have their behaviors serve as a reflection of their values —  setting  the standard and expectations for others in their organization. Companies are once again focused on increasing the […]

  • Connecting Minds to Invent the Future
    Posted on Apr 23rd, 2012
    Related Products & Services: Strategic Planning, CEO Consultation

    Lately in our business, I have observed a disturbing trend. Companies are on a shorter planning cycle, and long term planning and visionary thinking is difficult to achieve. However, visionary planning informs every future decision, including hiring the right talent on both your management team and board. Too few leaders spend time talking about these […]

  • The Fundamentals of Exceptional Governance
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    Related Products & Services: Our Work with Credit Unions

    Last month I spoke at the CUES Executive Summit in Colorado Springs. This conference was attended by some of the most dedicated and intelligent directors and senior leaders we have met in the credit union world. I’d like to share with you some of the valuable content delivered, as well as some of the important […]

  • Water – A Transformative Issue for Business and Society
    Posted on Mar 23rd, 2012
    Related Products & Services: Strategic Planning, Operation Processes and Implementation

    This past month, I spent a day engaging in thought-provoking dialogue at the Deloitte Davos Experience. The issues discussed each year at the World Economic Forum provide a context for the most important challenges of our time. I’d like to share with you a few data points on water stewardship that was the starting point […]

  • Board Culture Strengthened by Learning
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    Related Products & Services: Our Work with Credit Unions

    This past year I travelled 300,000 miles globally . The experience helped me connect dots that have serious consequences for business strategy and succession planning. It also reinforced a central theme that is emerging for all of us on boards: Can we learn as fast as the world is changing? As directors, we are always […]

  • We’re proud to support Montefiore Medical Center and The Care Management Company in their ACO Pioneer Initiative
    Posted on Feb 8th, 2012
    Related Products & Services: Healthcare Customer Service Initiatives, Healthcare, Strategic Communication

    Our client, Montefiore Medical Center and The Care Management Company has been selected as one of the premier healthcare organizations nationwide to participate in the ACO Pioneer Initiative sponsored by CMS. We are proud to support the leadership in this important Initiative – as they improve care experience, increase population health and reduce healthcare expense.