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  • How to Create Strategic Plans that Engage the Team
    Posted on Feb 11th, 2011
    Related Products & Services: Strategic Planning, Strategic Retreats

    Many organizations today should revisit their strategic plan and the process that built the direction.  Strategic planning processes can be delivered in many different ways.  It’s important to align the team, and start the discussion with independent data about customer satisfaction and employee understanding of the plan and mission of the organization. A critical component […]

  • What Boards, CEOs Can Do to Improve Communication
    Posted on Feb 4th, 2011
    Related Products & Services: Effective Board Governance, CEO Consultation, Strategic Communication

    Directors desire a stronger line of communication with the CEO than is presently acknowledged. Sometimes lack of dialogue is a byproduct of board rules, including requirements for executive sessions without the CEO present. Sometimes it stems from failing to make such conversation a priority. Committing to an intelligent exchange of ideas with your CEO will […]

  • Continuous Learning Drives Innovation and Results
    Posted on Jan 14th, 2011
    Related Products & Services: Leadership Development, Strategic Planning, Executive Coaching

    In our many years of operating a strategic planning firm, one incredible truth has emerged. The commitment to continually learn defines whether people and teams have the energy to innovate and develop strategies that achieve results. As the world continues to evolve economically and politically, global and emerging markets become more competitive. Effective leaders understand their role in stimulating discussions that […]

  • Reaching out to Directors
    Posted on Dec 15th, 2010
    Related Products & Services: Board Assessments, Effective Board Governance, Governance

    Most corporate citizens would agree that corporate directors are among their most important and most demanding constituencies. But ironically, we think that Directors are among the most under-served constituencies of all – at least where “reaching out” is concerned. Here are a few things that are normally sure to please Directors…plus some hints on prepping […]

  • Crisis Management: How Ready is Your Board?
    Posted on Dec 4th, 2010
    Related Products & Services: Enterprise Risk Management, Governance, Effective Board Governance

    The world as we know it is in a continuous state of change for corporate directors. In the past, work mattered more than process.  With those in Congress and the Executive Branch concerned about another economic crisis, increased transparency and attention to processes will be required. In the past, board members, corporate secretaries and general […]

  • Preparing for Change
    Posted on Dec 2nd, 2010
    Related Products & Services: Governance, Enterprise Risk Management, Effective Board Governance

    Recently, the SEC issued Rule 14a-11 which has major implications for the way shareholders have access to nominating directors to boards.   The implementation of these rules is currently being challenged in court by the United States Chamber of Commerce.  However, the SEC direction is to encourage increased communication between shareholders and directors.  So while we […]

  • Annual Retreats: Directors Debate Best Practices
    Posted on Jun 3rd, 2010
    Related Products & Services: Board Retreats, Governance, Effective Board Governance

    During the holidays, television stations always run a consecutive loop of the yuletide log with a soundtrack of recognizable Christmas songs. It reminds us of shared values and gives people a sense of the holiday spirit and warmth.  Presently, we are watching a 24/7 “continuous loop” of the BP disaster with up to 100,000 gallons […]

  • Opinion: Board Orientation Impacts Shareholder Value
    Posted on Mar 16th, 2010
    Related Products & Services: Effective Board Governance, Governance

    On Dec. 16, 2009, the  SEC  issued rules that will require  additional commentary in the preparation of the 10K.  Information calling for director qualifications and  contributions to their respective boards will be required. The  questions that have been raised actually open a discussion at  the board level regarding philosophy of skills and  contributions of individual […]

  • The New Decade Requires Employee Agility And Motivation
    Posted on Feb 13th, 2010
    Related Products & Services: Leadership Development, Foundation Leadership Programs, Executive Coaching

    There are countless books on best practices for employee motivation. An Amazon search yields more than 8,000 titles. Combined with lectures and journal articles, you could probably spend the next two years wading through all the information. Many of these writings were sound and offered excellent tools. I intentionally used the past tense “were” and […]

  • It’s Time To Refresh Your Board
    Posted on Dec 2nd, 2009
    Related Products & Services: Governance, Effective Board Governance, Succession Planning

    The economic recovery continues to be problematic for the county and, as a result, regulatory pressures on  public companies and their boards remain high with no signs of abating.  Instead of waiting until regulatory  bodies start weighing in on ways to maintain high quality board performance, let’s exert some common  sense and get out ahead […]