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  • Massive Leadership Challenges
    Posted on Sep 30th, 2020

    By Stuart R. Levine Published In, Forbes The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on society and the workplace are coinciding with a renewed quest for racial equity. There are two related dynamics at play for leaders to consider: One is how employees return safely to the workplace while Covid-19 is still active. The choices leaders […]

  • Crisp, Clear & Direct Communication Is An Imperative
    Posted on Jul 2nd, 2020

    By Stuart R. Levine Published in Forbes The Covid-19 forced experiment in off-site work is opening the eyes of both management and employees to its benefits. The pandemic caused a dramatic increase in the number of off-site workers from 31% of U.S. employees in mid-March to more than twice that number in mid-May 2020 (65%), […]

  • Hope and Trust Are the Antidote to Fear
    Posted on May 31st, 2020

    By, Stuart R. Levine Published in, Forbes Leaders show their values through their actions and words. Leadership and values are inseparably linked. Today, it seems that among personal and organizational values, trust is paramount. Covid-19 is now ravaging the ways that companies have done business for decades, challenging and changing business routines. People are uncertain […]

  • Worried About Personal and Organizational Productivity and Effectiveness In A Chaotic COVID-19 World
    Posted on Apr 13th, 2020

    By Stuart Levine Published In, Forbes What if certain unwitting habits were limiting or reducing your productivity and ability to engage with colleagues and customers? Senior leadership must be vigilant to make sure this is not happening despite the fact that employees and leadership are fearful, concerned and experiencing personal pain and loss in an […]

  • Resiliency Matters in A Crisis
    Posted on Mar 29th, 2020

    Published in, Forbes By Stuart R. Levine We are living in a new reality.  The global COVID-19 virus is redefining words like disruption, economic and personal survival.  Questions are now being raised in the United States about the ability for healthcare systems to respond to the population’s healthcare needs.  The challenges that are being raised […]

  • Are Leadership Meeting Habits Destroying Engagement?
    Posted on Feb 13th, 2020

    By Stuart R. Levine Published in Forbes What if certain unwitting habits of your top leadership are limiting or reducing your employees’ engagement? Senior leadership must be vigilant to make sure this is not the case. Yet, there is ample evidence that this is happening in many organizations, especially in the way that meetings are […]

  • Diversity Confirmed To Boost Innovation And Financial Results
    Posted on Jan 29th, 2020

    Published in, Forbes By Stuart R. Levine “Diverse and inclusive cultures are providing companies with a competitive edge over their peers.” This quote summarizes conclusions from The Wall Street Journal’s first corporate ranking that examined diversity and inclusion among S&P 500 companies. The Journal’s researchers’ work joins an ever-growing list of studies by economists, demographers, and research […]

  • Strategy As Effective Risk Mitigation In a Rapidly Changing Marketplace
    Posted on Dec 23rd, 2019

    PUBLISHED IN NJ BANKER, DIRECTORS’ CORNER PAUL AGUGGIA | PARTNER | HOLLAND & KNIGHT STUART R. LEVINE | CHAIRMAN & CEO | STUART LEVINE & ASSOCIATES In May, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) released its Semiannual Risk Perspective for spring 2019 outlining major themes and risks for the federal banking system. […]

  • How To Create Sustainable Cultures That Are Accretive To Shareholders
    Posted on Nov 11th, 2019

    By Stuart R. Levine Published in Forbes A company’s intangible assets, including talent and culture, are now estimated to make up 52% of a company’s market value and for some companies it can be as high as 90%.* Companies like State Street, BlackRock and Vanguard are actively focused on these issues. On September 18, 2019 […]

  • Kelly Bloss Managing Director Promotion
    Posted on Oct 23rd, 2019

    New York, October 22, 2019 — Stuart Levine & Associates LLC is pleased to announce the appointment of Kelly Bloss to Managing Director. Kelly reflects the depth of senior talent that we are fortunate to have at the firm. Kelly is a member of the Operating Committee and has been delivering significant value to our […]